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With art as my minor in college, I was so fortunate to get to take a Photoshop class the last semester of my senior year. That opened a whole new perspective for me. I could use my advertising, public relations and marketing experience I was obtaining through my major and apply my artistic side through graphic design! Wa-lah! I had found my passion. 

The relationships I have built through the different projects I have been involved with, and the different photography shoots I have been on, are icing on the cake. From working at the Fairbanks Convention and Visitor's Bureau in Alaska, to Midwestern State University in Texas, to the Denver Zoo, I have applied all of my skills in creating this path that I am currently on.


I look forward to working with clients, and feel very fortunate to truly love what I do. I actually enjoy my days "working!" 

I am honored and humbled to get to wake up every day and do what I love. I believe there are chapters in life, seasons as well. This is a chapter in my life that I have looked forward to for longer than I may have realized. 

I have loved photography since I was a young kid, in fact, I bought my very first Nikon at a garage sale when I was about 12. That camera lead me to working for the yearbook in high school and taking photography classes in college. Working in the darkroom was a bonus to actually taking the picture, but digital has really made photography fun!


I have loved taking pictures of nature, babies and animals from the get-go. Once I had my first child, I realized how much fun it was to take pictures of little ones and how great it is to take photos of families, especially when I get to do it year after year and watch those families grow. Photography is definitely something that enlightens my soul.

A little about me...
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A Colorado Native, I have lived most of my life in Colorado but recently moved to Alabama to try something new and different with my family.

I received my undergraduate degree in mass communications and art from the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, CO (now CSU-Pueblo) and my master's degree in training and development from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. 

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